Why we exist

emformX enables corporate banks to reach their top-line goals by
supporting tailored product sales through cloud technology
Our mission is to significantly increase the productivity of knowledge in
corporate banking for both banks and their clients.

Leverage primary product!

emformX providing up and cross sell opportunities through cloud platform

Platform features

Aggregate product data
Curated product advisory
Connect clients with services
Accelerate your business with API-s


New product opportunities through qualified insights


Banking services delivered in a client context and timely fashion
Intelligence enabled upsell
Never starting over from zero again
Increased productivity of knowledge


Bank grade, multiple access points - Cloud, Mobile and Rest API-delivery of services

New digital ventures

emformX takes corporate banking to a new level

Management team

Margo Karp
Margo Karp

CEO, Founder

Margo studied business & economics at the Tallinn Technical University and the University of Heidelberg. He started his professional career at a large Scandinavian corporate bank. Later, as a partner at a Frankfurt based consulting company he advised banks and it was there where he developed his passion for capital markets. He soon followed his entrepreneurial quest and co-founded a cloud-technology company with focus on interest rates and currency hedging. Margo is a technology enterpreneur on a mission to enable banking customers to leverage the opportunities offered by digitalization and technology.
M +49 6990 0160 5205

    Dirk Haro
    Dirk Haro

    CMO, Founder

    Dirk is an Entrepreneur and Investor with a nick for strategy. After launching his career at AIG, Daimler he was responsible of rolling out the online bank first-e in the early days of the internet. Launching the online platform Mastercard Direct Services he discovered his passion for start-ups. Prior to founding emformX he manged the growth of start ups in the Fintech sector as an investor and entrepreneur. With 30 years professional expierence Dirk posses a proven track record.
    M +49 17 5844 0812
    @ dirk.haro@emformx.com


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